I’m using 2 MacBooks with Silicon Chip M2. One running in Ventura, the other one running with Monterey.

I was using an old USB Type C adaptor to connect my Mac to external Dell monitor. It works just find (plug and play) for both Macs.

Couple of weeks ago I bought a new adaptor. This one has more USB 3.0 port and a microSD card reader. Only today I get a chance to use it and this is the frustrating part.

I tried to use this new adaptor on both of my Macs, but it didn’t work as the old adaptor. Not sure why, because the setup was identical with the old one: Macbook -> Type C adaptor -> HDMI cable -> Dell monitor.

I got this error message from the Dell monitor:

The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display. Please change your input timing to 1920×1080@60Hz or any other monitor

Of course, Google is my friend. But not many solution available (especially for MacOS Ventura). Most of the result is for Windows, or older Mac OS version. These are the common solutions:

  1. Go to System Setting -> Display -> Select the Extender Monitor -> Enable list of other Resolution, try which one works for you. This didn’t work for me, because there is not even an option to show the list of Resolution.
  2. Go to System Setting -> Display -> Select Ext. Monitor -> Click one of the scale option -> Right click. A bit oh hope, there was an option to show list of Resolution. I tried to change to other resolution, nothing works. I notice the Refresh rate is still selected to 25hz and no other option available.
  3. Shut Down -> Turn on again and go to Safe Mode (a lot of tutorial to do this). In this Safe Mode, go to System Setting -> Display -> Select Ext. Monitor -> go to Refresh Rate. Voila.. Now other option available. I choose 60hz and it worked. But this is still in Safe Mode. When I restart to normal mode, it no longer work. There is a tip to disable everything in “Login Item” option in System Setting -> General to make this work. But it didn’t work for me. Tried it couple of times with no luck.

Finally.. this is what works for me (with my Venture OS Macbook). I found this by accidentally pressing Option key on the keyboard.

This is the step by step (in normal mode, not in Safe Mode):

  1. Go to System Setting -> Display -> Select Ext. Monitor
  2. While pressing Option key -> Click one of the scale option. It’ll show a bunch of resolution option. I choose the same resolution (1920 x 1080) with text “lower resolution” next to it.
  3. Go to Refresh Rate. While pressing Option key click the list -> other options showing up. I chose 60hz.
  4. Voillaaa…! It works. That’s it!

P.S:. Not sure why Apple choose to go to a great length just to hide all of these important options. 😐

Anyway.. Yes, you’re welcome. 🙂